Takoyaki/Tintenfischbällchen Daheim gemacht

Ein Teller mit 4 Takoyakis

Takoyakis is a Japanese specialty, which I ironically ate the first time on Mali. They are little fried dumplings with little pieces of cuttlefish inside. Also the dish is sprinkled with a number of exotic ingredients, which in combination just taste phenomenal. That is of course if you like seafood and in particularly cuttlefish.

Eine Pförtchepfanne die für Takoyaki verwendet wirdOne big obstacle with this recipe is to obtain a Takoyaki pan. Unfortunately most Asian shops do not carry such a pan. You might need to search for a while until you can find one. The pan in the picture is a special one called Förtchen or Æbleskiver pan. I have been told that there actually aren’t any pans for Takoyaki, only special plates for your grill.
Ein Tüte mit TintenfischAnother very important ingredient for Takoyai is of course cuttlefish or octopus. Since the Tako in Takoyaki literally means cuttlefish. It is advised to pre-boil your cuttlefish until done. Then you can cut it into small pieces. The exact amount of cuttlefish is up to your own taste and preference. In my experience 100 g are enough for 14 to 16 dumplings, which also a very good entrée for four people.
Jeweils die Fertigmischung, Aonori und KatsuobushiThe second most important ingredient for Takoyaki is the batter. The recipe for it is a little bit complicated. So I am using a mix. Mixtures like this can be found in many Asian shops which carries some Japanese items.
Eine Tüte mit Katsuobushi We still need some other ingredients like Nori powder, Katsuobushi, Bull Dog Sauce and mayonnaise.
Pförtchenpfanne auf dem Herd, gefüllt mit TeigThe batter has a consistency like very thin pancake batter.
Fire up the pan on the stove at the highest setting. Brushed up pan with oil, not just in the molds but also on top of it in case we splatter. Pour the batter into the molds and give a few pieces of cuttlefish or octopus inside.
Takoyakis in eine PförtchenpfannneTakoyakis werden gewendet Takoyakis fast schon Rund
Takoyakis werden zuende gebratenIn order to form little dumplings you need to roll the batter in the molds. Use wooden skewers for this. You will need to do this when the batter is still liquid. Don’t worry if it seems messy at first. Just keep frying the dumplings.
2 Teller mit TakoyakisThe finished dumplings are then garnished with Bull Dog Sauce  and mayonnaise. Follow by Nor powder and Katsuobushi flakes.
Teller mit 4 TakoyakisbällchenAnd we are done! Here is a larger portion.

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